Technology & Cyber Security for SMEs
Know your options, responsibilities and where to go to decrease the risk and impact of cyber security incidents for your organisation.

Small Business Cyber Security

In the wake of several high-profile cyber security attacks in the media, it has never been more important for organisations of all sizes to prioritise cyber security. The recent data breach some of us have experienced with a telco provider is an example of a cyber security breach none of us want to experience again. Cyber security incidents affect businesses every day, and often the consequences can be devastating. ​

What does Cyber Security have to do with me and my business?

Every organisation typically has a fair amount of resources at their disposal to prevent, detect and manage cyber incidents. The bigger the organisation, the more prone it is to various forms of cyber incidents.

Traditionally, small and medium enterprises are often under resourced, and unsure of how to improve their cyber security posture. It is often a question of: Is the business in the best position to keep themselves and their customers safe from a variety of cyber threats and risks?

Small Business Cyber Security Seminar

John Doig
Founder - Blackbox Mobility
01 December 2022
Morning Session: 9:30AM
Afternoon Session: 1:00PM
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What can I do to protect my business data?

There are different ways to protect your business and your data from cyber attacks and breaches. Some of these may be as easy as not sharing sensitive data to anyone outside your organisation, some may be actions you can take with the help of technology experts. EDR and Blackbox Mobility have put together a session for a small group of SMEs help them understand their options, responsibilities and what to do to decrease the risk and impact of cyber security incidents. Technology expert and EDR partner, Blackbox Mobility will host a technology and cyber security solutions seminar for a select group to assist with securing their organisation and the data of their clients.
The Expert

Meet John

As an experienced Technology Solutions Specialist/Architect John has a proven record of creating, implementing and managing technology solutions strategies. With over 17 years spent in Technology Solutions, working across a diverse range of industries including not-for-profit, mining, transport and logistics, construction, aviation, manufacturing, retail and government, John has a wide range of experience and expertise enabling clients to realise their business objectives through technology.

John has strong technical knowledge including architecture, software development and security, combined with the ability to engage and consult with stakeholders of all levels. John is passionate about understanding emerging technology, analysing industry trends and the ever-evolving nature of the technology industry.

John Doig
Founder - Blackbox Mobility
Technology Consultant​
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