Accounting Terms

20 Basic Accounting Terms For Business Owners

If you are running your own business, chances are, you’ve encountered some accounting terms that you don’t quite understand (unless, of course, you’re running an accounting firm). At EDR, we’re not your usual accountants. Our goal is to make accounting simple for every business owner.

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Your Accountant’s Role in a Digital Age

Your Accountant’s Role in a Digital Age The role of an accountant has changed. Long gone are the days where such as important arm of your business is only engaged at times of tax and legislative compliance. Some people reading this may still receive such

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Business Plan – Starting up a Company

Deciding to start up a company is an exciting time, and starts with a great vision. Successful companies start with a comprehensive business plan, including: Market analysis – What products or services the company will offer and what are the likely sales, turnover and competition

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