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Take back control of your business and taxation requirements

Accounting and tax services are critical to any business, regardless of the size. Making effective and informed decisions results in better and more successful business practices.

At EDR, we specialise in offering a boutique accounting and tax service, that is tailored to each of our clients. Our mission is not to just sit in the background, but to be proactive and to be in the forefront of business decisions, right there with you.

Our role as accountants is to provide expert, proactive advice to your business in every business aspect, from advice on the real time performance of your business to taking care of all your tax requirements so you can rest easy and focus on your business.

What Accounting and Tax services do we provide?

Budgeting & Forecasting
Financial Statements & Custom Reporting
Inventory Management
Process Mapping
Work In Process (WIP)
Fixed Asset Management
Payroll Monitoring
EDR: Performance Optimization
Regular Performance Reports
Cash-flow Monitoring
BAS Preparation (including GST, PAYG, FBT)
Tax Return Preparation
EDR: Performance Optimization
Monthly Performance Analysis and Reporting
Accounting and Tax Advice
Monitoring of Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss
Review of Bookkeeping
Ongoing Registration and Corporate Responsibilities under Government Bodies

Building Better Together

Customer Journey Experience
Gary & Tracey are running a successful RTA that has been operating for over 14 years. The organisation came to us when a staff member requested some Xero training. Upon brief discovery, we quickly uncovered a cascade of issues. Firstly, we noted that they had prior BAS returns not lodged and a long list of reconciliation items that we discussed with the leadership team. On behalf of the client, we approached the ATO to obtain an extension and successfully guided them through lodging their returns. We also unpacked a significant Division 7a loan and worked out the method for what needed to be paid as wages, dividends and as a loan repayment back to the business.

Since that initial engagement, we inherited the organisation’s accounts and have subsequently mapped out a progression and future sales plan for the organisation. The organisation is not empowered across its accounts, has a clear strategic direction as well as progression plan for the business.
*These are real clients, with their names and photos changed for their privacy
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At EDR, we are an extension of you, our client. By tailoring our services to your requirements, we become a function of your business that drives you forward. We are invested in actual growth, ongoing success through innovation and most importantly, your business’ progression.

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